Dr Charles Eugster

Charles on ITV

Charles Eugster has been a client since 2004, when at a gathering of old boys of St Pauls school, Charles said to David Tarsh that having reached the age of 85, he now wanted to “sell his body”!  When David explained that his business was public relations, Charles said: “That’s it – you’re my man!”

Since then, David Tarsh and Paul Baldwin have helped Charles become a celebrity.

Advice and assistance has gone well beyond the generation of media coverage, which has included features and interviews with many of the world’s most prominent publications, such as The Daily Mail or The Daily Telegraph and TV channels, worth millions of pounds in advertising-equivalent exposure.

Tarsh has:

  • Negotiated, and later renewed, a substantial five-figure contract for Charles to spend one day/month as a fitness ambassador for a chain of health clubs
  • Advised and encouraged Charles to become an expert in aging and old age
  • Recommended Charles to write a book, assisted with drafting and concluded a deal with a literary agent who has since signed publishers in China, Germany and the UK. The book is an Amazon best-seller in the Aging category
Charles on BBC Breakfast

Tarsh Consulting also:

  • Helped Charles become computer literate
  • Established his presence on the internet and in social media, building and managing his web site and running Facebook and Twitter accounts for him
  • Created presentations and helped him rehearse – most notably for a TEDx talk, which received a standing ovation and has been viewed on the internet well over half a million times
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Charles is rowing with GB oarswoman Pauline Rayner

Book signing at Waterstones

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Charles in front of the press while rowing with Pauline Rayner

Book signing at Waterstones