About Us

Our Story

Tarsh Consulting differentiates itself from the classic corporate or financial PR consultancy by taking a more strategic approach to communications. This means we focus first on our clients’ businesses and, in particular, their commercial objectives and strategies for achieving them. We believe that a clear understanding of what drives profitability and what motivates each target audience are the essential starting points for every business initiative.

We help our clients address issues such as raising funds, developing new routes to market, establishing commercial partnerships and improving reputation. We also help clients take strategic decisions about new ways to communicate, be it formulating new messages, using alternative channels or doing something entirely new.

In the past few years, we have become particularly well known for promoting conventions and for business to business PR in the travel industry.

Our Philosophy

“Seek first to understand then be understood” – Covey

Our first aim is to gain an in-depth understanding of our clients’ situation and an empathy with their audiences.

We believe in challenging and questioning our clients. Posing the right questions at the right time often helps them to clarify issues and to trigger fresh thinking.

When we put forward ideas of our own, the ensuing discussion often leads to deeper understanding on all sides and it stimulates new ideas.

By investigating thoroughly, we master the nuances, identify the most potent arguments and so generate recommendations and initiatives that truly add value.

“We have never had media attendance that could come close to comparing with this.” EVP, WTTC

“…extremely positive. The key effect of you being here was to reinvigorate the company, and that in itself is a key seed change for which I thank you.” Founder, Mind Unit