Unlucky for some?

UK plc suffers 13% Brexit setback

Alan Smith, CEO, Capital Asset Management


On the day the UK leaves the EU, research undertaken by Capital Asset Management reveals that investor confidence in UK plc has suffered a 13% setback relative to the EU, since the referendum on 23rd June 2016.

Capital Asset Management, an award-winning wealth manager made this assessment by taking the total value of the FTSE All Share index as a proxy for confidence in UK plc and the equivalent index of EU company shares as a proxy for confidence in the EU. Over the time period from referendum to exit, the value of the FTSE All Share index has risen 35.52% but the equivalent basket of EU shares has risen by 48.36%, representing a 13% difference.

Alan Smith, CEO, Capital Asset Management, said: “If you had invested £10,000 in the UK the day after the referendum, it would be worth £13,552 (excluding costs and tax) today but it would be worth £14,836 if it had been invested in the EU, which is £1,284 or almost 13% more.”                

He continued: “As past performance is no guide to future performance, we would not advise individuals to overweight their pensions or investments in EU stocks; the best strategy is to be globally diversified, across the UK, EU, US and Asia.”