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Ventolin inhaler uk

What is Ventolin used for? Ventolin accuhaler, evohaler, nebules, respirator solution, syrup and injection all contain salbutamol, which is a ventolin inhaler uk medicine used to open up the airways and make breathing ventolin inhaler uk easier in ventolin inhaler uk people with breathing problems including: asthma. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd). How does Ventolin work? Ventolin products all contain the active ingredient salbutamol, which is a type of medicine known as a short-acting beta 2 agonist. Salbutamol inhalers, tablets, liquid and nebules are also available without a brand name, ie as the generic medicine. Advertisement - continue reading below, salbutamol works by stimulating receptors in the lungs called beta 2 receptors. This causes the muscles in the airways to relax and allows the airways to open. In conditions like asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd, eg emphysema and chronic bronchitis the airways become narrowed and it's difficult for air to get in and out of the lungs. By opening the airways, salbutamol makes it easier to breathe. Related Article, asthma what to tell your doctor during a consultation. Most popular, how is Ventolin taken? Salbutamol is most commonly taken using an inhaler device. Inhaling the medicine allows it to act directly in the lungs where it is needed most. It also reduces the potential for side effects occurring in other parts of the body, as the amount absorbed into the blood through the lungs is lower than if the medicine is taken by mouth. Salbutamol inhalers are blue and known as 'relievers'. This is because when salbutamol is breathed into the lungs it works very quickly to relieve asthma attacks, wheezing, coughing, chest tightness or shortness of breath. Salbutamol inhalers can also be used shortly before exercising or exposure to allergens (things that trigger wheezing, such as pet fur or pollen) to open the airways and prevent wheezing. Its effects last for three to five hours after inhaling a dose. You should follow the instructions given by your doctor regarding when to use your salbutamol inhaler and how many puffs you can use each day. Don't exceed the prescribed dose. It's very important to learn how to use your inhaler correctly, ventolin inhaler uk as otherwise you won't be breathing the right dose of medicine into your lungs. Instructions will be provided with your inhaler. However, your doctor, nurse or pharmacist can also show you how to use your inhaler and can check that you are using it correctly. Ventolin evohaler is a metered dose inhaler (sometimes called an MDI ventolin inhaler uk or aerosol inhaler) that delivers the medicine as a fine spray or mist. With this inhaler you co-ordinate pressing down the canister and breathing in the spray. Ventolin evohaler can also be used with a spacer device such as a Volumatic.

Can you buy ventolin over the counter in australia

Ventolin, also known as salbutamol can you buy ventolin over the counter in australia or albuterol, is available in many forms. It is most commonly used as an inhaler and reliever, which means that it is used in instances where an attack has already started or is about to start. When Ventolin can you buy ventolin over the counter in australia is used, it almost immediately goes to work to help relax and open the can you buy ventolin over the counter in australia airways to allow air to flow more easily. It is used for the relief of bronchospasms in conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Ventolin can be used by both men and women over 18, with asthma. The Ventolin inhaler is available in two forms, as an Accuhaler and as an Evohaler. Both types of inhaler are extremely effective in providing relief from an attack, although they may do this in slightly different ways. The plastic Accuhaler contains a 60-blister strip, each blister containing a 200mcg combination of microfine salbutamol and lactose. The pressurised Evohaler device delivers 100mcg of salbutamol in a dose, and can act within just five minutes to provide effective relief. During an asthma attack, the bronchiole becomes obstructed in response can you buy ventolin over the counter in australia to a particular irritant, and this is known as bronchospasm. Ventolin works as a beta-adrenergic receptor agonist, which means that it stimulates beta receptors around the body, in particular, those around the airways. Stimulating beta receptors in this area causes muscles to relax, and allows more air to pass through to ease breathing. Salbutamol also has the ability to help with inflammation of cells prompted by an allergic reaction. 1, most asthmatic people can safely use Ventolin (albuterol during a reaction or to ward off an impending asthma attack. However, if you are allergic to the active ingredient in the Ventolin inhalers, salbutamol or lactose in the case of the Accuhaler, alternative treatments should be used. Make sure that you inform your doctor if you have diabetes, heart disease, hyperthyroidism, arrhythmias, if you are pregnant or if you have any other medical condition or are taking any other medications. Because the way in which you take both the Ventolin Accuhaler and the Evohaler doses, you may prefer one type of inhaler over the other, if you find that you have difficulty using a certain type of inhaler. You can buy Ventolin inhalers on HealthExpress in a dosage of 100mcg and 200mcg. For environmental reasons they are now propelled by HFA making the inhalers safe for use. How you should use your Ventolin inhaler will depend on the severity can you buy ventolin over the counter in australia of your condition, the medications you are currently using and whether you are using it as a preventative treatment or for relief. Generally, as a relief treatment it is recommended that you take two puffs of the Evohaler as and when it is needed to deal with an attack, or one puff of the Accuhaler. The maximum dose during a 24-hour period is eight puffs. 2, please ensure that you read through the patient leaflet before using your Ventolin inhaler. Take the cap off the inhaler mouthpiece and hold the inhaler upright. Shake the inhaler vigorously up and down. Remove the mouth piece, breathe out normally as far as you comfortably can. Hold the mouthpiece between your lips. At the same time as you first start to breathe in, press the top with your finger to spray the medicine. Remove the inhaler from your mouth and hold your breath for up to 10 seconds and breathe out slowly. If you need more than one dose, start again from step. How to use the Ventolin Accuhaler. Usually Ventolin inhalers aren't likely to cause side effects, but as with most prescription medication there is still a possibility of this occurring. Some of the most common side effects experienced by users aren't likely to be serious and include: Throat irritation, cough, muscle pain, if you do experience these symptoms they should clear up with regular use of the medication, if symptoms still persist then ensure you. It is possible to buy Ventolin inhalers online after completing our free online consultation. Take advantage of the following benefits as a HealthExpress patient: Fast, free delivery - Have your order approved before.30pm and receive your treatment the next day (same day for London postcodes).

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